Apply to Restoration Foundation

Apply to Restoration Foundation


A Letter from Restoration Foundation

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in Restoration Foundation. We are excited that you are considering the possibility of becoming a part of the Restoration Foundation experience. Please complete the following pages of this application and return them to us using the information you will find at the end of the questionnaire.

If you choose to come, you will have an opportunity to choose a new way of living. You will learn how to live a passionate and God filled life. Restoration Foundation is not a quick fix, it will be a process, a journey to wisdom, purpose and true life.

This is a major decision for you. Please prayerfully consider all the guidelines and the vision of The Restoration Foundation. The key is that you want to change and are willing to listen to the counsel of those God places in your life.

We strongly recommend that you download and read the entire information packet that is available and tour our website before completing this application.

The information contained therein will aid you in understanding what Restoration Foundation is, how we approach our ministry and what will be expected of you as a participating student.

If you have any questions about the program, the application process or this packet, please feel free to call, Michael Brown Jr. at 601-795-1528.

We are looking forward to the possibility of sharing the next few months with you.


Michael & Sabrina Brown

Application Process

Applicant receives Informational Packet & Application (via web or mail).

Applicant completes Application (including commitments, expectations, medical info, and all release forms, etc.). Parents please don’t complete any of these forms for your son. It’s important that he fully participate in this entire process. Applicant returns the application to Restoration Foundation via mail or personal delivery.

Mailing Address: PO Box 805, Poplarville, MS 39470
Physical Address: 1000 Restoration Way Kiln, MS 39556

After we receive the application, the applicant and parents will receive a letter stating that we received the application. Then a Staff member will call the applicant to arrange a series of personal interviews (via phone or in person as appropriate). It is important to note that the applicant will be given a series of times to call our facility to conduct interviews. It is imperative that these appointments be kept at their scheduled times.

One or more written responses may be required during the application process. These responses may be collected via email or mail the result of those responses may be discussed in the following phone call interview.

Each applicant will be notified regarding the final decision made at the close of the interview process. This notification will be done via phone, email or standard mail.

Accepted students will receive a reception packet via email or standard mail that will contain a basic gear list of items to bring on Orientation Day. This packet will also include information about tuition payment options, local hotels if needed, the start date and directions to the property in Kiln, MS.

Our limited space is filled on a first come – first served basis. Restoration Foundation will never deney a student applicant based on “ability to pay”.

The qualification process is the sole determining criteria for acceptance or denial into our ministry.

Once the suitability of a student has been determined and that student has been accepted, we will contact the family to determine their ability to help offset the cost of that student’s participation in our program through the tuition options.

For more information regarding the cost of a student’s participation in Restoration Foundation, please see the appropriate section of our website.

Restoration Foundation is supported by tuition payments from families, by entities, churches, companies and individuals who believe in the proven work that is accomplished though the Grace of Christ in our program. We receive no government funding and we are unapologetically Christian in our beliefs and teachings.

Restoration Foundation is not a rehabilitation facility or a recovery center. Men who come to Restoration Foundation are interested in answering two questions: Who am I? and What is God’s purpose for my life?